Sexy Beach 3 + 414 Mods and Mod Installer + Full Expansion

The more the player interacts and stays with the character, more hearts are available

1 Heart: Player can watch the female character interact with the environment and change the type of clothing

2 Heart: The player can apply lotion to the female character.

3 Heart: The player can have sex in 2 positions with the female character at night time only. The player is can ask the female character to sit down and touch the female character's breast area while in the option where lotion can be applied. The player also has a new option to change the characters hair.

4 Heart: The player gains two more sex positions and the female character can perform oral sex. The player can touch the female characters genitals in the option where lotion can be applied. The player can have sex outside the hotel room at night.

5 Heart: The player can have sex anytime with the female character and gains the ability to have sex while standing. Also there are additional oral sex options.

English version
File Size : 1,67 GB

httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633265/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part1.rar
httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633267/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part2.rar
httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633269/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part3.rar
httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633273/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part4.rar
httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633277/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part5.rar
httpCharacter Banned//Banned/file/15633281/SB3-CEE-414MODS.part6.rar