A womanizer inspired "dating" simulator game with an editor to allow players to add their own girls to the game.

Edit (13. May): New version 1.1.5 Beta.
- Fixed a crash bug if you clicked mouse button during scene transitions.
- Fixed a bug in the editor where min. scene relationship would be reset to zero.
- Added home backgrounds.

Edit (11. May): New version 1.1.4 Beta.
- Fixed a lot of bugs reported by Puppy42

Edit (10. May): New version 1.1.3 Beta.

NOTE: Because of a change in the core gameplay mechanics, this version cannot load old save games.
This is a big update so I might have introduced some bugs that was not in the old version. Keep a copy if you want to be on the safe side :-)

Editor Changes:
- Changed editor so that a girl can have multiple scenes with positions (backwards compatible).
- Added scene editor with separate lists for positions and cumshots.
- Added ordering functionality of positions and cumshots (move up/down).
- Added girl phrase list and editor.
- Updated editor documentation to reflect new changes.
- Fixed a bug where it would be impossible to save the same girlpack multiple times.

Game Changes:
- Introduced a new "relationship" variable that simplifies the flirt and sex game mechanics. This is visible when flirting.
- Added a foreplay step when picking up girls in the bar / nightclub that allows [simple] foreplay.
- Change office / school / gym pickups so that the player will have to seduce the girl to have sex with her.
- Added gym location to the possible girl-meet locations
- Added visual transitions in the game.
- Added custom girl phrase support.
- Added information popups in the game (after actions)
- Added "easter-egg" player names :-)
- Added a police surprise
- Added player selection when creating a player (white / black)
- Fixed some bugs and spelling errors.

Edit (18. April): New version 1.0.3 Alpha.
- Documentation added
- Cleaned up the editor UI
- Fixed a small bug where the girl profile image would be re-encoded each time the girlpack was saved.
- The editor can now edit existing .girlpack files (the existing media content will be used if source is not available)
- Changed so that only the filename is displayed in the editor.
- Added a previous button to the girl selector dialog in the game (it still "costs" energy and time to use)

Previous Releases
- 1.0.0 Alpha - Initial public release
- 1.0.2 Alpha - Addressed permission and video file bugs

Some screenshots:

And the download links:
If it is the first time you download the game, get the 1.0.2 version (~72mb), to get the default girlpack and then apply the 1.1.5 upgrade (~700kb).

1.1.5 Executable files only (no girlpack)
Hotfile.com: 1 klik file hosting: Release 1.1.5 Beta.zip

1.0.2 Alpha (with default girlpack):
Hotfile.com: 1 klik file hosting: Scoreville 1.0.2 Alpha.Installer.rar
Hotfile.com: 1 klik file hosting

Have fun!